Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yelp yelp yelp yelp...owwwww

Yowsa.  The Yelp party was a fun time.  Free booze was the only thing I partook in.  The cupcakes from Sugar Mama's looked fabulous but I just had an attack of the cha chas right before we got downtown.  My lunch of sashimi and watermelon didn't do well.  Annie Ray's photo booth was seriously fun.  We got some awesome shots.  The line was long though.  Too long to run back and grab Sarah and Dana.  Next time.

Matt and I got to spend some time with our new acquaintances, Lindsay and Anthony.  They also have a "Jake" (aka 32 year old son) named Chris. Good quality people, and coming from me that's saying quite a bit.  Matt and I were discussing how unusual it is for us to invite newcomers into our circle.  Typically, we all know that person through another friend....but inviting new people into the fold hasn't happened in ages.  Yes, I guess we are very picky and love our friends.  But it's exciting to meet new people you mesh with so well.

So after the free booze was gone at the Yelp event, we headed down to Bender with our crew.    Thankfully I remember the night and had no problems taking drunky Matt home.  We even woke up at 9am and grabbed some kolaches from River City.  I was feeling no pain, kinda happy I eluded the hangover I was expecting.  2 hours later, I get run over by a freaking truck.  HARD. I puke up my breakfast and basically stayed in bed all day with a massive headache.  I've learned not to take Advil in the middle of a hangover as it speeds up my heart and freaks me out.  So I toughed it out with no meds.  Rough stuff.

Today I feel much better but sore sore sore.  Oh here are some pics to enjoy.  

Not our cake but it tasted good.



Sarah said...

Those are some seriously cute pics.

Sarah said...

What's up the balding sons?

Dana said...

Ahhh... good times! :) I'm sad we missed the photo booth, since my middle name should be photo whore :o)