Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pinterest Paint Chip Art

During shopping for my DIY Jewelry Wall frames, I picked up an extra one.  Very basic but half off....thanks Hobby Lobby!

This pin caught my eye right away because I love hearts.  Of course Matt hates them.  So I got to thinking....what do I already own that would do the trick to satisfy my paint chip art desire?

Butterflies it would be!

I did feel a tad bit guilty for taking quite a bit of paint chip samples from Lowes, but seriously...that company gets so much money from our household, how could a few 30 paint chip samples hurt, right?

Some modification was made to the original post.  I used the back side of the picture frame instead of a canvas.  Spending more money was not my goal on this project though.  I couldn't find the adhesive foam tabs, so I bought sticky mounting tape and cut into small squares.  It worked perfectly.

Another tip that really helped me out was to place all the butterflies in the pattern and space beforehand.  That way I could eyeball it before I made a big mistake.  Also, for lack of yardstick/ruler I lined up each one with the previous so it would look even.  

And here she is.  Not the final step as I would like to paint the frame a gold/bronze color to match the other picture frames on the wall...but alas, I am out of paint and my need for instant gratification made me complete this post.   

 This was seriously easy and took me a few hours to finish.  Hooray Pinterest!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Pinterest DIY Jewelry Wall - LOVE IT!

Ok, this one has been highly anticipated.  I've had my jewelry in one of those closet organizers, hanging over my closet door.  Terrible.  I never know what necklaces I even own anymore.  But not anymore!

This pin right here got me incredibly excited....

I knew right away I could make this.  So off to Lowes I went.  I bought all the necessary supplies, which were not so cheap.  Matt reminded me we did not own a staple gun, so now we do!

Basically I followed all the steps listed in the original blog.  I did not choose real chicken wire as the loops are quite big and I knew I had quite a few earrings to hang.  Thankfully, I had my wonderful husband staple the wire onto the back of the frame, as I ripped one of my fingers trying to open the package of wire...ouch!

You look so lonely up there without some flair.

Much better!  (I think I need more earrings.)

And here is the finished project!  Very easy to put together and such a fantastic way to see most of my jewelry.  Can I say again how much I love this??