Friday, November 28, 2008

It's only 5:03pm?!?!?!

Ugh. This has been a long day. I haven't worked a Black Friday in
years. It was pretty steady at Z land. I popped in and out of the
office to help the floor out. That's how fantastic I am.

Sara and I did sneak off to Thai Tara for lunch today. It was pretty
good. The car beside me got towed and it looked just like mine. I
almost shit myself as it pulled away.

I am looking forward to getting some booze in me ASAP.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My attempt of Nory's artichoke dip.

It was really good. The recipe was simple and easy to follow. I was
quite proud of myself!

Monday, November 24, 2008


What's up? Oh not much here. Let's see. What did I do this weekend? We went over to Kyle's and watched the Tech/OU game. It was a miserable watch for both sides. Then we waited for Cade's sister to drive in from Arizona. We got out to W. 6th around 12:30. We never do that. Anywho, we visited Dirty Bill's for the first time. I dug it. Very cool place. Kim and Cade and Matt got tore up. I remained relatively sober, as usual. We had a party at the house till 4am. What were we thinking?

I had my first semi-solid food Sunday. Blackened catfish and a baked potato from Cherry Creek Catfish. It was pretty good and I didn't have any complications.

This morning I went over to WF and grabbed some scrambled eggs and pancakes. I grabbed banana walnut, which was a no-no. Basically I ended up spitting out all walnuts. That also went well. As long as I have my irrigation syringe, I think I am ok. I'd describe it, but it's kinda gross. It doesn't go in my butt, by the way.

Well, I think that's it. Kim took some funny pics on Saturday. I'll post them up as soon as I get them.

Sorry for the boring post.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life goes on...

Ahhh it seems I am constantly filled with complaints, be it my job or my body. Sometimes I wonder if it's just my nature to complain or does my life suck? Really my life doesn't suck. I have a husband that I adore and a beautiful house. I have 2 babies I love with all my heart and our other son Jake. I have a job, I should feel fortunate. It's a hard time right now with the economy going down the shitter. Even though I dislike my job at the moment, I really don't have any bright, shining options in my future. Besides who really likes their job? The only thing that IRKS me is the staying late with no notice. I do have a life outside work and I do enjoy spending time with my husband. It seems I come home at 7pm every night and we only have 3 hours before we go to bed. That doesn't seem like much in my opinion.

Being the fabulous worker I am, I decided to finally create a blog for Zanzibar. Here it is:
This is my pride and joy, created and maintained by yours truly. Sadly it didn't take too long as I have lot's of experience with blogger. I'm excited to keep it going, just like my personal blog, and get it out there.

It seems the chompers are healing. I'm off the pain meds and trying to go cold turkey with no advil. It's not too hard. I guess I can handle more pain than expected. It's like a constant dull ache. I can deal with it. I really miss eating. I'm so exhausted with smoothies, pudding and mashed potatoes. The weight loss is great, but I would kill a small animal for a cheeseburger and fries.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First scarf of the season!

Yes she is a bit small now but expect her to get very wide in the next
few days. The yarn I am using is very thick... Much thicker than
expected. It will be interesting to see how she turns out.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I'm not crazy. I have a dry socket. For all you lazy clickers here is a short answer: This condition exist when a blood clot is dislodged from the surgery site thus exposing the bone and fine nerve endings. The blood clot helps in the stopping of bleeding and lays the foundation or framework for new tissue and bone to develop over a two-month healing process.

FANTASTIC! So I wake up this morning in crazy amounts of pain and I figure that this isn't normal. I grab my iphone and look up information on dry sockets. That's what I have! So I go into the surgeons office this morning and they filled my hole with some clove oil. Mmmmmmmm it tastes like shit and kinda burns. I'm not really sure if it's working. I've refrained from my daily dose of pain medication so I can feel if it's working. The hole doesn't hurt as much but my jaw is radiating with pain. Popped another pain pill an hour ago and I feel better.

Hopefully it will assist in the healing process since I somehow lost my clot. Oh where oh where can he be? My poor blood clot went away...just when I needed him most. Hehehe.

On to better news....

I won tickets from Do512 to see Tuna Does Vegas tomorrow night! That should be interesting. But the best news of the week is I HAVE TICKETS TO TWILIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!! Nory and I bought them at the Alamo South yesterday waiting in line to see the latest Bond flick. How awesome is that? I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I need to find a Team Jacob shirt.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am the pain princess!

wow. i am still in severe pain. it's my left side, around my jaw. it's still swollen. you can feel something like a ball around my lower jaw. the right side has gone down and no longer hurts. last night the pain in my jaw woke me up at 5am. that means time for another pill. it's so weird actually needing pain medication. let's be honest....pain pills are fun for recreational purposes. i tend to use them the first day and horde them for a rainy day. not with this surgery. i am in need of relief every 6 hours. it's crazy! i really have a better appreciation of what vicodin does and how much pain it actually blocks.

i'm pretty tired talking about my pain. it's boring. i did buy tickets for the new Bond movie this afternoon. I am somewhat embarrassed to go out in public with my cheek looking all freaky. Oh well. I'll be back at work on Monday and having to deal with being out in public.

gonna put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Football makes Colotte tired.


wow. just wow. i really expected this to be less painful, haha.

the surgery was not bad at all. i went in, the wrapped me in a blanket, gave me some gas and hooked me up to an iv. i was slightly aware of what was going on for about 30 seconds then i went to sleep. i woke up when we were done. i kept asking..."when are we gonna start?" they laughed and said we were done. i was completely unaware of the time that passed.

they brought ryan in and went over some post-op instructions and we went back to ryan's place. i was ok until the numbness wore off. that was bad. real bad. i had to take pain pills back to back. then matt came by for me. i was funny i was so knocked out from the pain pills but i was awake. i could hear them talking about me but i just couldn't talk back. i could only use hand gestures. i did bleed all over ryan's pillow. blood. let me tell you...i haz it. lot's of it just streaming out of my mouth, even with the gauze. grossness.

ryan was incredibly kind and would wake me up to eat, and see how i was doing. he did a great job taking care of me.

so last night i came home and laid around with a steady diet of pain killers. matt made some mashed potatoes and i almost lost those.

the pain in my left jaw is unbearable. i've been icing it all day. when i woke up this morning it was throbbing. i'm eating now so i can go back to taking those lovely pills. i washed my face this morning and touched my cheek and almost cried. it is so painful and puffy. i really do look like a chipmunk hording nuts.

well, that's my sad story. it hurts to talk too. that's kinda good so i can just lay here all day, watch football and just be careful jake and matt doesn't do something too permanent to my face.

Friday, November 14, 2008

scared shitless

Why am I terrified? I can't even concentrate on basic tasks. It's a simple surgery. I guess I'm scared of being sedated. Well, hopefully it will all go away when I take my Valium in 30 minutes. How funny is it that I am craving water? Of course I can't eat or drink anything after midnight so I am dying for a big glass of water. I had to throw my water bottles away. I keep looking at the water cooler besides my desk thinking I can lick it just a bit and it won't count right?

Matt made a fabulous dinner last night. It was delicious. Nothing works wonders to keep a tummy settled like spaghetti and meatballs.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surgery Day Tomorrow!

Yes Friday is the big day for my mouth. I get 3 wisdom teeth pulled. Due to the amount of teeth and procedure of the surgery (cutting my gums, the angle of pulling my teeth, etc...) they want me to be sedated with an IV. Hooray right? I'm a tad bit on the nervous side. Actually I am super scared.

I dropped off 5 prescriptions last night. I'm glad to have a lot of medication ready, but still....I have only been sedated once and I did not like it. I slightly have some recollection of it and it was not pleasant.

The worst thing about the whole day is I have to work till 2pm. Yes, I can't even take off on my day of surgery. The shitty thing about that is not being able to eat or drink for the early part of the day. Oh well...sometimes I get a break and sometimes I don't.

Matt has a mandatory inventory day so Ryan is taking me to my appointment and driving me back home. I really hope I don't cry, throw up or take off my clothes in front of him. Actually, I don't's Ryan.

Well, I better resume my day at work. Work work work. Bleh.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When creativity kicks in!

My new iPhone cozy. Took less than an hour last night to bang out.
And no pattern used!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Matt returns!

My sweet babies.

Friends on Facebook/Myspace....

Ahhhh.... the add friend dilemma. Let me tell you why this irks me. I have one rule when it comes to the adding friend request. Talk to me. Don't just add me because we went to high school, or you are my sisters friend or we were once friends, etc. Talk to me. Say hi. Make small talk. If you can't even do that, then why be friends? Why would I let you into my circle of social neworking if you can't even send a greeting?

There was this guy I used to be friends with back in college. Actually, he was close to my ex. So he added me on Myspace and I thought "hey that's we can tell stories from times past and shoot the shit." He never once messaged me or left a comment. So I was a tab bit annoyed. He found me so I left the ball in his court to say hi....never did. Many months later during my semi-annual cleaning of the friends on Myspace, I dropped him. The next day he sent me a request to add him. No message, just a generic request. Needless to say I was pissed. I denied his request and never looked back. I wonder, how did he know I dropped him so quickly? Was it just luck or was he a constant follower of my online life and updates? If so, then why the lack of communication? Have we become this retarded in society that it's ok to live thru the internet and forget how to hold an electronic conversation?

It really boggles my mind. What is the point of collecting friends on social networking sites? And it's not just those sites but others like Yelp. I can understand being in Austin and liking the same places but why are people in Arizona wanting to be my friend? PLUS I never get a message. Irritating. I'm not in the "let's see who can get the most friends" quest. I would rather have 10 friends who send me messages, comments and occasional greetings than have 234 friends I couldn't give 2 shits about.

Ok rant off. :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Get your FREE obama sticker!

see below!

Want a free Obama sticker to celebrate our victory? It's designed by Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic HOPE poster. And MoveOn's giving them away totally free--even the shipping's free.
I just got mine. Click this link to get your free Obama sticker:!


yep that's how i feel right now. 1 root canal done, 1 partial root canal left along with 3 wisdom teeth extractions next week. my poor mouth.

ugh the novacaine made me sick and nauseous. of course the 4 shots helped but i'm cold and numb. plus the dental hygenist was a bitch. that's not what you need when you are nervous and in mid-panick attack mode. i was about to rip that damn nose thing off. but i'm alive now. sadly the pain is starting to kick in. the numbness is wearing off.

i kept thinking about little shop of horrors the whole time. i really love me some steve martin.

ok back to the couch. the meds are almost ready and momma is going to go to happy land in an hour.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mmmmmmmmm freebies!

Free election scoop day!

Day 2...guilt sets in

Ok just finished my second mcrib for the week. I don't feel gross like in Supersize Me, just guilty. Matt is gonna be mad when he sees the 2 debit charges to McDonald's in a week. But this is for science. Nah not really. I feel guilt because I haven't gained back my pre-wedding weight and THIS is not helping matters. I was expecting to honestly gain it all back by the honeymoon. But being sick for the past 2 weeks has left me with a small appetite. I weighed myself a few days ago and almost cried I was so happy.

Ok, maybe I should stop the Mcrib. Right? But it's SO DAMN GOOOOOOOOOD.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Diary of an addict

Yes that is our new Roomba below

We finally did it. We bought a Roomba yesterday. His name is Godfrey.

We watched him for a while last night. It was pretty fun actually. We would follow him around the room and giggle as he bumped into things. We turned him on at night and went to bed. He docks by himself when he is done. I got up to get some water and Sue and Colotte were sitting on the floor, watching him with distrust. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, November 02, 2008