Thursday, May 28, 2009


Been a little depressed this week.  Haven't worked out much, no motivation.  Really down in the dumps on my job hunt.  Applying for everything and no response from it.  My unemployment deadline is quickly approaching.  I don't know how we will do it with one income.  

So um yah, that's all I want to say.  Not really in the mood to elaborate.  Just wanted to say "blah."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh you silly guys

The pets love to lay out with me, if it's not too hot.  Look at all the fun I get to experience!


We have a gigantic fig tree behind our bedroom that has begun to sprout figs.  Last year the squirrels and birds ate the whole crop, as I didn't research our tree, the variety and such.  Well not this year.

I studied up on the leaf and shape and color of the figs and now know what kind of tree we have. It's called a kadota fig.  The fruit is a yellow/greenish color and typically used for Fig Newtons.  

This year I will be very proactive and keep the pests away from the tree.  I've gone out this week and picked the eaten fruit off the tree and shooed away as many squirrels as possible.

Here are a few of the ripe ones I picked.  

I don't think the crop is completely ready.  We have millions of babies just growing, but a few ones are big, soft and droopy.  They taste alright, but I can detect a greenish flavor to it.  They probably need another month to fully mature.  Regardless, I'll be making a ton of fig jelly this Summer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How is Dawn's new diet plan going?

Glad you asked my friends!  It's going pretty well.  I've only cheated once - a muffin last week.  Actually, I had a small burger today, so the bun was a cheat too.  Damn.  Besides that, I lost 5lbs last week.  I worked out every day, except the weekend.  Good girl.

Grocery shopping takes a lot longer and is more expensive.  But that's the price you pay to eat healthy.  Think about it... food that is bad for your body is way cheaper than healthy options. Doesn't that suck?  Ugh, America needs to listen up and do something about society's weight problems and terrible food consumption.  Now I can say that because I'm changing my habits.

After my 60 min walk, Nory and I stopped off at Natural Grocers off Lamar and 39th.  It was grand opening day so I got samples galore.  I really like the store and the layout.  It's smaller, way smaller than Newflower, but everything is easy to grab.  You won't spend much time in there, looking around aimlessly.  I'll try it out next week once groceries are needed.

Sonoma In The City Today!

I'm so there!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The rain the rain the rain the rain!!!!

OMG check out Sodomy Creek. It's insane! Since we took these pics about 15 minutes ago, it has gone down to a safer level.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ugh.  I won a food package from Food2 via Twitter a few weeks ago.  The package just arrived at my door this afternoon.  Of course I can't eat a single thing outta it.  It looks so good, but NO!  I will not open it up till Jamaica.

Cat & Garden Fun

Colotte and her catnip


Cayenne peppers

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, I have to say, my second day of my new lifestyle change has been quite challenging. The food has been the easy part. I've been keeping everything under 1200 calories. Actually, I'm a bit under, but that's no big deal. I have a lot of fat to burn.

Yesterday was my first day back on the 30 Day Shred.  

Last year around wedding time this DVD helped me lose weight, tone up and gain muscle.  So here I am again.  It was TOUGH.  Almost excruciating.  I can't believe how hard Level 1 was for me.  Just think, I used to do Level 3 with some ease.    After The Shred, Matt and I went on a 30 minute walk.  Not too bad.  

This morning I wake up and go on a 75 min. walk with Nory and Lily.  Then I come home and my muscles begin to exact their revenge.  I am so sore it's ridiculous.  But that's a good pain right?

I imagine all my fat is dying a slow death.  So I will embrace the burn and pain.  Oh yes I will.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The 2 Month Diet...

So my sister's wedding is quickly approaching. In the next 2 months Matt and I will be in Jamaica, playing on the beach. That means pictures and bikinis. Which means I better start losing weight now.

I typically wait till the last moment and do a master cleanse, but this time I'm gonna try something different. Basically, I'm going to adopt Nory's eating habits. She has lost a ton of weight based on this diet and lot's of yoga. Unfortunately I can't afford yoga, but I do have a pair of running shoes and a fat dog.

Basically this food plan does not allow you to eat/do the following:

Refined food
Processed food
liquor (WTF???? I can drink champagne, sake or wine. Thank you!!)
full fat cheese
when you aren't hungry
when you're bored
because you haven't yet so you might as well

So that's not too bad. I've started a food diary with a calorie count on everything I eat. Makes it harder to eat since you have to count out what you are putting in your tummy. I'm pretty excited to start the plan. Nory has packed up every bad thing in our kitchen and fridge and stocked it with healthy food. Everything is organized by snacks, lunch and dinner selections. I never knew how much crap I had in our pantry. Now it's nice and clean and basically empty.

Wish me luck.


Matt and I just got back from Lowe's today and happened to see something in our backyard, behind Sodomy Creek.

It's a fucking fox! WOW!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Now this is what cake balls should look and taste like...

Oh wow. Ben from Cake by Bridges contacted me via Yelp. He saw my review of Holy Cacao and wanted me to try a real cake ball. Look at these babies!! They were fantastic! Tasted exactly like moist cake. A+++++++++++++++

I am 100% sold on these guys. What an amazing product. Plus giving me samples like german chocolate cake and red velvet always helps with my opinion. Seriously, regardless of having so many to choose from, I am singing their praises.

My new neighbors

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cinco de Mayo creativity

I knew I was going to celebrate tonight, so I had a desire to create something festive. So my brain begins to churn and I look thru an old Stitch and Bitch book and then I find it. A perfect pattern for a clutch. I change it up a bit and make it the colors of the Mexican flag and add a Frida Kahlo button to make my flower pin complete.

I need to add a lining and a snap button to keep it closed.... but that's for another day.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Derby Party pics

Our Derby party was a blast! See for yourself.