Thursday, May 21, 2009


We have a gigantic fig tree behind our bedroom that has begun to sprout figs.  Last year the squirrels and birds ate the whole crop, as I didn't research our tree, the variety and such.  Well not this year.

I studied up on the leaf and shape and color of the figs and now know what kind of tree we have. It's called a kadota fig.  The fruit is a yellow/greenish color and typically used for Fig Newtons.  

This year I will be very proactive and keep the pests away from the tree.  I've gone out this week and picked the eaten fruit off the tree and shooed away as many squirrels as possible.

Here are a few of the ripe ones I picked.  

I don't think the crop is completely ready.  We have millions of babies just growing, but a few ones are big, soft and droopy.  They taste alright, but I can detect a greenish flavor to it.  They probably need another month to fully mature.  Regardless, I'll be making a ton of fig jelly this Summer.

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Dana said...

That is pretty darn cool. I'm not very familiar with fresh figs, what do they taste like?