Monday, April 26, 2010

My Adventures in Laser Hair Removal

Well well well kids, it's time to document my newest endeavor - the world of laser hair removal. I've always dreamed of being hair-free, and have spent countless dollars on "guy razors", and waxing. Could you even begin to imagine the amount of time you spend in the shower removing all that hair every year? For me that's a plethora of hours. Coming from a Spanish/Mexican background, I have been blessed with pale skin and dark hair. Lucky me.

Due to the price of the procedure I would never consider myself a candidate until my husband suggested it to me a few weeks ago. Personally, I didn't know about the radio spot that continuously plays on a local radio station. (I'm hooked on Sirius, so I rarely listen to radio.) He mentioned I should go in for a free consultation and see what the price would be. Well now, if hubby says it's alright I'm going to run with it!

I go online and fill out the form to request a consult. I receive a nice email tooting the personal experience from my contact - and a time to come in. Fast forward to my consult, I meet a very nice and confident saleslady. She gives me a brief tour and discusses the benefits of the company. (Right now I'm going to keep this information under wraps until the procedures are underway.) The staff are all certified RNs and the laser is one of the best in the country. Weeks before I had scanned the interwebs for information on specific lasers and whatnot. I did recall the name she mentioned and felt more secure. Then we sat down and discussed the money aspect. A discount was offered on the full package - only good till the end of the day. Drat! Reminded me of apartment hunting in my younger days - I hated those look and lease offers. I did get payment options on 2 areas - bikini and brazilian. I have to say the most affordable option was splitting up the entire package on a monthly payment schedule with Chase. Interest -free for 18 months doesn't seem that bad.

My lifetime membership includes 9 sessions - spaced between a year and a half. All the hair is guaranteed to be gone by the last treatment or more treatment(s) is available. Also, during the span of my life, I can go in to any location (if the hair returns due to hormones or other life changing incidents) and get treated for $40. Not too bad - I like the sound of that.

So here I am, my first appointment looming later this week. Stay tuned for the fun ahead! Will it be painful? Will I suffer in silence or cry with joy when my ingrowns disappear? All these questions will be answered!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SWB Community Table delights

I don't even know where to begin to describe the joy I experienced last night at SWB. What is SWB you may ask? It's short for Southwest Bistro, located on the 2nd level of the Hyatt, downtown on Lady Bird Lake.

This gem has an incredibly special adventure for any foodies looking for a unforgettable dining experience. It's called the 'Community Table.' Chef Kevin and Javier will pick up fresh ingredients, based on your customized menu preferences, from the local Farmer's Markets in the area and prepare an unforgettable meal for you and up to 9 guests. What a fantastic way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or just an excuse to get local, mouth-watering cuisine prepared in the finest manner possible!

Now back to the food!!! Sorry to keep you waiting....

It was a pleasure meeting @SweetJohn,@Supertsai,@Austinfarm2tbl and Justin B. You can't ask for better company than passionate foodies!

Look at this menu, if you mouth hasn't begun to water you may need to re-read it a few times.

Oh these beautiful seared scallops were pure heaven. Served with orange, arugula and grilled onion salad I secretly wished for a plate of these to myself.

Wild mushroom raviolis served with a morel sauce. Cutting into the ravioli was amazing. I made this sound - Mmmmmmm

For the entree, I chose the mushroom and brie stuffed quail with cranberry gastrique, blue cheese mashed potatoes (sigh) and roasted asparagus. I'll let the picture speak for my opinion on the quail.

Look at all that goodness stuffed inside!

Here's a glimpse of the swordfish. Sarah was kind enough to offer me a generous bite. At first glance, it looks like tomatoes are mixed in with the arugula - but it's not. That's watermelon. The combination of fish and watermelon was exquisite...something I have never tried or pondered.

Here it is, the superstar of the night. Strawberry shortcake with Pure Luck goat cheese, covered with an almond scone.

OMG so delicious!

I hated it, couldn't you tell?

Intrigued? You can call 512-480-2035 for more information and to schedule your dinner.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Want to win a guest spot to judge Go Texan Chef Showdown II?

Of course you do! Who doesn't love a contest that pays you with free food and wine? Check out the details right here:

And here are the important details on Chef Showdown II:

Last year was simply amazing. The food and atmosphere was incredibly fun and the food was delicious. My word of advice if you will be attending - wear some stretchy pants and eat an early lunch. You will be sampling many delectable dishes this year - and our secret ingredient is pork.

A few pictures from last year's event: