Saturday, January 29, 2005

Call me Miss Workout Queen please.

Yep yep yep....Just got done working out, tanning, walking Sue and showering. I am so good. And it's a Saturday morning!! I'm typically lazy on this day but not today! Matt went into work to finish off some things. Maybe that is what motivated get going and not play Halo all day. Actually as soon as I put some clothes on I will probably do a little cleaning and then play Halo.

We saw The Village last night. It sucked. Matt kinda enjoyed it but I thought it was too far fetched. I will give it props for being an original idea but I had a hint in the beginning. All the talk of "gunshots" and "deaths in the family" had my brain ticking.

I am so excited for tonight. We are going out with Kim and Cade and seeing Sideways. I have been dying to see it. Too bad it's not shoeing at Alamo VIllage. I can't believe they have never been to an Alamo yet. I hate going to regular theaters...I'm spoiled by the buckets of beer and food.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Hooray for pictures

I learned how to add pictures to my blog today....duh. So I checked out what pics I had on the camera and shared with the world.

I'm not working today. That's nice. So I plan to sit around all day and play Halo.

Well, my mom goes in for her second biopsy today. The doctors have told her its cancer but they want to be 100% sure. I hope they screwed up and the tests come back clean. I guess we will find out by Monday. So its just more waiting and waiting. At least my dad is back from Dallas and can be with her today. She doesn't want me to come since I went last time. Maybe I'll go by this weekend and visit her.

Matt is still sick. There are at least 20 snot rags on his side of the bed. Gross. I kept having all these dreams last night of construction crews and trains. I guess its because Matt was snorning and sniffling and all that. I told him to take the day off and I would baby him but he said he had too much work to do. He is such a hard worker it pisses me off. I never knew you could work "too hard" but Matt has proved me wrong. Ok enough for now.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Clean clean clean!

I have been cleaning the house like a madwoman. You would think I took a few diet pills but I haven't I went to the ob/gyn this morning. She said things were looking good in there! And she also complimented me on my abs as she had her fingers inside my pussy. She is always so nice with the compliments I must say.

Let's see.....they made me go home early today at work. We have been doing shitty business this week and now since our numbers are terrible, we are over hours-big time. But I didn't mind leaving at 3:30pm. I went down to the drag and checked out some shoes I want from Urban Outfitters, but alas, they didn't have them in yet. They have some really cool shit in there. But I was illegially parked so I hurried out of there before I could do some serious damage.

This week is manager appreciation week.....So I need to show my support and make them something. I guess I can do my world-famous piggies in blankets, but 2 of those girls are fat and they don't need more carbs. So I wonder what would be a good alternative. Hmmm....I guess that means a stop to HEB tonight. HEB must love me. I go there at least 3 times a week. It's pretty nice having one like a few streets down.

I need to add some pictures on here. I do have a disposable camera I need to finish off. Kim and Cade are supposed to go out with us Saturday night to the Village Drafthouse. Maybe I'll finish off that camera or something.

I've been craving calamari lately. I hope I can make Matt take me out to NXNW or B Side. WE need to hang out with Jake b/c he says we never do anymore. Maybe we'll meet there and have many beers and calamari Friday night. That sounds like an AWESOME plan. I will put that into effect soon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Special thanks to JMVC for turning me onto this site. I knew it existed but I tend to be lazy starting new things. Anyways, I like this more than myspace. Sometimes its weird to think all those random people on that website are reading your thoughts and such. I don't mind friends, but friend of a friend of a friend is different!!!

Well, let's day. Matt is still in Portland finishing up business after his grandma's funeral. He flies in tomorrow night at 8pm. I'm trying to finish up all the laundry before he gets back as a nice little present. We had shitloads on the floor.

We didn't get the lab results from my mom's docter today. So now its Day 3 of Mom's cancer scare. I hate this waiting very much. It's killing all of us. And my dad is on a business trip so he won't be around her for the results. I'm praying for the best. I don't know how to handle it if its cancer.

I worked out tonight. I'm doing very good. I'm not afraid of the circuits anymore...well maybe a few leg machines. Those look difficult. Why do I have to be so paranoid of fitness machines? That's super lame. My abs have been hurting since Saturday. I haven't been able to do as many since they start to burn after 20. I hope that burning is all the fat. Yeah. Burn fat, burn.

Sue keeps eating Colotte's food. We have to cut her intake b/c she is getting too fat. So now since Matt has been away she has been munching on Colotte's diet food. That damn dog pisses me off. That diet cat food is not cheap. I give her a nice big bone and she still eats Colotte's food. Damn her.

Ok, I think that is enough. Thank you Mary Jane for getting me through my first blog. Hooraah!