Saturday, January 29, 2005

Call me Miss Workout Queen please.

Yep yep yep....Just got done working out, tanning, walking Sue and showering. I am so good. And it's a Saturday morning!! I'm typically lazy on this day but not today! Matt went into work to finish off some things. Maybe that is what motivated get going and not play Halo all day. Actually as soon as I put some clothes on I will probably do a little cleaning and then play Halo.

We saw The Village last night. It sucked. Matt kinda enjoyed it but I thought it was too far fetched. I will give it props for being an original idea but I had a hint in the beginning. All the talk of "gunshots" and "deaths in the family" had my brain ticking.

I am so excited for tonight. We are going out with Kim and Cade and seeing Sideways. I have been dying to see it. Too bad it's not shoeing at Alamo VIllage. I can't believe they have never been to an Alamo yet. I hate going to regular theaters...I'm spoiled by the buckets of beer and food.

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