Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Clean clean clean!

I have been cleaning the house like a madwoman. You would think I took a few diet pills but I haven't I went to the ob/gyn this morning. She said things were looking good in there! And she also complimented me on my abs as she had her fingers inside my pussy. She is always so nice with the compliments I must say.

Let's see.....they made me go home early today at work. We have been doing shitty business this week and now since our numbers are terrible, we are over hours-big time. But I didn't mind leaving at 3:30pm. I went down to the drag and checked out some shoes I want from Urban Outfitters, but alas, they didn't have them in yet. They have some really cool shit in there. But I was illegially parked so I hurried out of there before I could do some serious damage.

This week is manager appreciation week.....So I need to show my support and make them something. I guess I can do my world-famous piggies in blankets, but 2 of those girls are fat and they don't need more carbs. So I wonder what would be a good alternative. Hmmm....I guess that means a stop to HEB tonight. HEB must love me. I go there at least 3 times a week. It's pretty nice having one like a few streets down.

I need to add some pictures on here. I do have a disposable camera I need to finish off. Kim and Cade are supposed to go out with us Saturday night to the Village Drafthouse. Maybe I'll finish off that camera or something.

I've been craving calamari lately. I hope I can make Matt take me out to NXNW or B Side. WE need to hang out with Jake b/c he says we never do anymore. Maybe we'll meet there and have many beers and calamari Friday night. That sounds like an AWESOME plan. I will put that into effect soon.

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