Friday, January 30, 2009

Crochet crochet crochet!

That's all I do lately.....besides play Oblivion. And that's ok.  I can.
  Here are my latest projects.

These I made for Heather.  They turned out very thick and cozy.  Now if the weather will cooperate...

I also started these for Heather, but she requested long fingerless gloves.  Picky, picky.  These will be mine then.  I used the same pattern for both with a few slight variations to include length.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

why does unemployment take sooooo long?

I shouldn't complain.  I hear some folks waiting up to 8 weeks for a paycheck from our government.  I only have to wait 3 weeks.  Still, that's no bueno.  I was also surprised to see I'm getting back a decent, livable amount every week.  I mean, I'll take whatever at this point.  

The weather is going to get freaky tonight.  Possible icing and sleet.   That's ok by me, I finally get to sleep in on rainy, yucky mornings.  

Kim is coming into town tomorrow to hang out with me and spend the night.  I'm sure we will have a good time.  Just no Rock Band.

Monday, January 26, 2009

the saddest grocery trip ever

So we decided to hit HEB after the movies last night and plan out the week's meals and whatnot. We made a limit - $100.  We had never set a budget, but things are different now.  I hadn't realized that I never looked at prices.  The only thing I have been concerned about is calories and fat content. It was sobering looking around the generic products I typically scorn.  

Hill Country Fare??  Wha??

I had to turn away from all the organic products we usually buy.  It was so depressing.  

We did get out of there at 47 cents over.  I almost teared up a few times though.  My life is changing, I can tell you that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, it's been a rather insane week.  I actually don't want to elaborate on the issue on here.  I enjoy having this blog and seeing stats and hits from all over, but I always wonder who is really watching and invading my personal happy blog land.  Yes, yes I know a few of you skanky bitches stop by from time to time.  I see you, but I don't care.  

Basically you all know what happened from the previous post.  I'm still laid off and now I'm angry. So I will keep my angers and emotions from the Interwebs today.

Anyways, I'm staying positive and doing all sorts of fun things.  Thursday was pitch & putt with Jake and JJ.  Friday was a bike ride with Matt, Nory and Keith.  Today is another bike ride and Slumdog Millionaire with my new hot friend.  All fun things.  

I need fun events in my life right now.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just got laid off today.  That's all I can say right now as I am pretty fucking blown away.

Vote for us. I am so ghey for doing this.

Yah yah yah I know. What am I thinking? Maybe I was bored at work. Go here, vote for us.

New fingerless glove pattern

So I was pretty happy about the first pair of gloves, but I wanted something a bit more form-fitting. I found this pattern a week ago and tried it out, of course I ended up frogging my project. Then, after spending some time reading it and mentally working on the stitches in my mind, it all came together.

(Don't mind my threads, I haven't weaved them in yet.)

See how these have a place for your thumb to stay warm. They are slightly big on me as I am making these for a boy in a band. BUT I think they are better than the first pair, of course they take way longer.

Wow, that thumb section is huge. The more I look at it, the more I want to change it. But it may just be my vienna sausage fingers. They look miniscule. Maybe white is not the best color. I may try this in a darker color later this week. Too bad the weather is too warm to really enjoy gloves at the moment. Maybe in Feb?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look at me! I'm crochet crazy!

I whipped up this cloche hat mostly last night. It was super easy. The pattern was a piece of cake to follow. I don't look very fabulous in this hat so I plan on giving it to Nory.

Kudos to Ravelry for having such nifty patterns.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fingerless gloves

I am pretty excited how well these turned out. The stitch was a
double crochet, but it looks more complicated than that. Hooray for

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm back in the saddle again!

That's a crochet saddle if you didn't know. My latest whip up below.
Easy and no pattern mom!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We are going to be on the news again! KXAN is interviewing Judith
right now. Exciting.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet deal of the day!

P. Terry's tees. Limited edition. $5.

Whaa? Yep $5.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yelp yelp yelp yelp...owwwww

Yowsa.  The Yelp party was a fun time.  Free booze was the only thing I partook in.  The cupcakes from Sugar Mama's looked fabulous but I just had an attack of the cha chas right before we got downtown.  My lunch of sashimi and watermelon didn't do well.  Annie Ray's photo booth was seriously fun.  We got some awesome shots.  The line was long though.  Too long to run back and grab Sarah and Dana.  Next time.

Matt and I got to spend some time with our new acquaintances, Lindsay and Anthony.  They also have a "Jake" (aka 32 year old son) named Chris. Good quality people, and coming from me that's saying quite a bit.  Matt and I were discussing how unusual it is for us to invite newcomers into our circle.  Typically, we all know that person through another friend....but inviting new people into the fold hasn't happened in ages.  Yes, I guess we are very picky and love our friends.  But it's exciting to meet new people you mesh with so well.

So after the free booze was gone at the Yelp event, we headed down to Bender with our crew.    Thankfully I remember the night and had no problems taking drunky Matt home.  We even woke up at 9am and grabbed some kolaches from River City.  I was feeling no pain, kinda happy I eluded the hangover I was expecting.  2 hours later, I get run over by a freaking truck.  HARD. I puke up my breakfast and basically stayed in bed all day with a massive headache.  I've learned not to take Advil in the middle of a hangover as it speeds up my heart and freaks me out.  So I toughed it out with no meds.  Rough stuff.

Today I feel much better but sore sore sore.  Oh here are some pics to enjoy.  

Not our cake but it tasted good.


Friday, January 09, 2009

I knew I wasn't crazy

Sometimes I get these weird problems with my vision. Once they were so bad I went to the eye doctor immediately after seeing these strange visions. Needless to say, he diagnosed my weirdness as an ocular migraine. Blah, blah he said they were pretty harmless and typically accompany migraines (which I have never had!) Since then, I have had probably a handful of these. No biggy. Last night, just as the game was starting, I could feel one coming on. It was difficult to explain to Matt and Jake what I was seeing. I went to bed, rested my eyes and fell alsleep.

Earlier today, I was googling the term since my eyes aren't feeling 1oo% recovered and I found this website that describes EXACTLY what I am seeing. It's called a scotoma. Now I feel relieved. I'm not insane.

I heard on the news that next week we will have temps dip into the teens. I am very excited for that. It may be time to break out the crochet this weekend and make some hats, gloves and scarves!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I cheated, so what?

Eh, this juice diet is boring me. I've replaced breakfast and lunch with juice, but I haven't managed to do dinner. I just don't have the willpower. Judging from the scale, I'm doing much better than I thought. I felt like I ballooned out of control this holiday, but the scale says otherwise.

Tomorrow there is a Yelp open party that I am dragging Matt to come with. Wow, I haven't been "out" in awhile, so that will be nice for a change.

This week has been so draining on me. Every day I come home and I'm exhausted. Waking up has been a chore. I don't think I am getting much sleep lately. Matt has his cedar fever junk and it's keeping me up every night. Blarg.

At least work has picked up. I have a million new projects on my plate. It's keeping me occupied and my naughtiness in check. Speaking of, I better get back to it.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Resolution time!

Yada yada yada here is Dawn's list of resolutions for the new year.

Eat better/lose weight/work out
Ugh I was doing so well on this one a few months ago but I have let myself slide. Tomorrow I jump-start my new healthy outlook with a nice juice fast. I know this isn't healthy but neither is looking at my fat ass.

Clean up after myself/the house/Matt
Yes I am lazy. Yes Matt takes care of the majority of housework. That's not right. I need to get more involved and help him out.

Take better care of the pets
Poor Sue is so fat and lonely. Obviously Colotte is too needy with me, so she won't spend time with the dog. Sue really needs a playmate, but we don't even take Sue for walks anymore. That's horrible. We are bad parents and we need to treat our elder animals like babies if we want to consider a puppy in the future.

Learn to cook
I am a terrible cook. Thank goodness Matt enjoys cooking, else we would be living off cereal and pb & j. Time to go grocery shopping for meals and stop eating out. Now on to the next one....

Stop eating out for lunch
It's so hard when Whole Foods is 30 seconds away, but WF is quite expensive. I need to start making lunches at home and not driving home (which wastes gas and my car.)

Lay off the booze
Again, I was doing very well on this one a few months ago, but I have gotten into a bad habit of daily drinking. Bad, bad. I need to go back to my weekend only drinking. Plus beer is not helping my figure.

Look forward to change
I would like to elaborate more on this, but my blog is not private and I don't want to discuss future plans that aren't in the making. So that means I need to get motivated to change my surrounding. I don't need to be in a situation that makes me unhappy or gives me daily anxiety.

So how was that list? I would love to say I will try my hardest to keep this list alive, but I am lazy and I know it. Maybe this year will be the anti-lazy year?


I beat Fallout 3 tonight. About time!
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

i love our new iMac!!!!!

Yes, we finally got a new computer. She is beautiful. As soon as I figure out how to use it, I can elaborate. It was a bit of a challenge to make the move to an Apple. Being the PC nerd that I am, I now know NOTHING about this computer. It's not easy, as you guys know I like to be the queen nerd at everything. I am such an Apple n00b. It's a 20 inch screen.....totally amazing. I can't believe how fast and clear everything is. Now we need to get a better computer chair so I can plant myself in the office and learn how to use this machine.

I've really been enjoying my mini break, as I like to call it. I am proud to say I have drank since Monday. Not stumbling drunk, but happy drunk. It has been nice. Sadly I have spent too much time eating this holiday. I blame it on the eggnog Matt and I have injested with gusto. A good friend of mine mentioned she is in the same boat....."the eggnog 10." Damn Pennsylvania Dutch! Why does it have to be so delicious?? And why aren't my pants fitting? Thank goodness for yoga pants!!!