Sunday, January 04, 2009

Resolution time!

Yada yada yada here is Dawn's list of resolutions for the new year.

Eat better/lose weight/work out
Ugh I was doing so well on this one a few months ago but I have let myself slide. Tomorrow I jump-start my new healthy outlook with a nice juice fast. I know this isn't healthy but neither is looking at my fat ass.

Clean up after myself/the house/Matt
Yes I am lazy. Yes Matt takes care of the majority of housework. That's not right. I need to get more involved and help him out.

Take better care of the pets
Poor Sue is so fat and lonely. Obviously Colotte is too needy with me, so she won't spend time with the dog. Sue really needs a playmate, but we don't even take Sue for walks anymore. That's horrible. We are bad parents and we need to treat our elder animals like babies if we want to consider a puppy in the future.

Learn to cook
I am a terrible cook. Thank goodness Matt enjoys cooking, else we would be living off cereal and pb & j. Time to go grocery shopping for meals and stop eating out. Now on to the next one....

Stop eating out for lunch
It's so hard when Whole Foods is 30 seconds away, but WF is quite expensive. I need to start making lunches at home and not driving home (which wastes gas and my car.)

Lay off the booze
Again, I was doing very well on this one a few months ago, but I have gotten into a bad habit of daily drinking. Bad, bad. I need to go back to my weekend only drinking. Plus beer is not helping my figure.

Look forward to change
I would like to elaborate more on this, but my blog is not private and I don't want to discuss future plans that aren't in the making. So that means I need to get motivated to change my surrounding. I don't need to be in a situation that makes me unhappy or gives me daily anxiety.

So how was that list? I would love to say I will try my hardest to keep this list alive, but I am lazy and I know it. Maybe this year will be the anti-lazy year?

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