Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, it's been a rather insane week.  I actually don't want to elaborate on the issue on here.  I enjoy having this blog and seeing stats and hits from all over, but I always wonder who is really watching and invading my personal happy blog land.  Yes, yes I know a few of you skanky bitches stop by from time to time.  I see you, but I don't care.  

Basically you all know what happened from the previous post.  I'm still laid off and now I'm angry. So I will keep my angers and emotions from the Interwebs today.

Anyways, I'm staying positive and doing all sorts of fun things.  Thursday was pitch & putt with Jake and JJ.  Friday was a bike ride with Matt, Nory and Keith.  Today is another bike ride and Slumdog Millionaire with my new hot friend.  All fun things.  

I need fun events in my life right now.  

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