Thursday, July 31, 2008

white trash weekend

matt and i are breaking away from austin this weekend and heading down to our favorite coastal hideaway, surfside! heather and jesse are supplying us with a rental place on the beach. it's not the cutest thing, but it's cheap and that's what counts in surfside.

so we leave tonight for houston and will be on the beach by friday afternoon with lonestar in hand.

pictures shall follow....

Monday, July 28, 2008

colotte in the wild

sunday afternoon i decided to lay out and get a little bit of sun. colotte joined me for a bit and acted like a real cat. she stalked a few birds, tried to run up a tree and pooped in the back corner of the lawn. i am so proud of her.

sadly i stayed out too long and roasted my shoulders, stomach and legs. wearing clothes has been a pain in the ass today. thank goodness for aloe with lidocaine.

looks a bit more harmless in these pics i know. i wore red today to hide my stupidity.
our wedding photographer, sarah, just redid her website. and hooray we are in the engagement section!! check it out. her work is fantastic!

Friday, July 25, 2008

look what i did today!

By Dawn and Matt Mitc...

Come on now!

How does a dinner of sushi rolls and saki make my weight look so
dramatic on the wii chart?

And yes that's my real weight. Why hide it?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

day 3

another successful day on the wii fit has ended. yesterday i did about 30 minutes. i was very sore in the hips all day. but today was much better. i went home for lunch and busted out 20+ minutes. then tonight finished off with 40 minutes of cardio and yoga. based on my weight chart i have lost 1 lb. hooray! i'm really not putting any hope into my weight since i fluctuate 1-5 lbs daily.

but i do feel good. really.

Monday, July 21, 2008

my wii fit challenge

i'm gonna do this. every day. at least 30+ minutes. i need to lose 15 or so pounds before the wedding to get to a happy, skinny weight. so when i get home tonight i will do the "before" pics and keep this blog updated with my progress.

my first day on the wii fit was pretty sad. i had my weight and bmi tracked. nothing was a shocker there but the wii fit age killed me! i am 44 years old. my balance is pretty unstable too. i tried out the basic yoga poses and pulled off a novice ranking. the one fun thing was the hula hoop games. i really liked those. it was interesting to see how my hips would not make a perfect circle motion at the end of the exercise.

this morning i woke up with sore sides. i can thank the hula hoops and the yoga side stretches for that. how funny is it that a video game would get me sore?

matt and i made a pact that no one can play mario kart until you put in 30 minutes on the wii fit. we shall see how that rule ends up playing out ;)

the cherry on top

to make this weekend even better, we bought these bitches on sunday.

i am in love love love with mario kart and wiifit. seriously i cannot wait to go home and play some hula hoop.

matt's 30th birthday

so much fun happened on saturday. first off, i picked up my wedding dress with my mom. it fit perfectly with no alterations needed. what a relief!

then i spent some time with my mom and dad in round rock. they helped me prepare a part of matt's birthday surprise.

then it was fight against time to get to the party site, opal divine's, and get everything decorated.

thanks to nory, we got everything ready in time to surprise the birthday boy!

that's nory and everyone else hiding behind the door, waiting for matt to walk in.

there is the rest of the crew...waiting patiently.

and here is the birthday boy wearing his unicorn crown. happy 30th matt!

want to see the rest of the pics? click here.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's finally in!

Just got the call my wedding dress has arrived!!!!! I am giddy with
excitement. Now I can play dress up with my shoes and veil.

Ok must stop being girly.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

new layout

because i was so bored with the previous one.

big check!

i finally finished arranging my hotel blocks for the wedding. i thought this would be an easy task... make a few phone calls and be done with it. not so. one week later i have managed to nail down 4 hotels downtown. i guess there are a few big conventions going on that weekend so it wasn't a cup of tea.

but it is finally done and now everyone has a nice price range of hotels to stay at.

i'm relieved and happy.
ahhhh it's the beginning of another week. 89 days until the wedding. i'm really glad it hasn't been consuming my every thought lately. having a healthy supply of books has helped. i've been engrossed with the twilight series by stephenie myers.

i am on book 3 at the moment. i'm tired of the plot though. all i keep thinking in my head is bite the bitch already. i'll finish the series though. then i'll complain about it when i am done.

so back to the wedding talk ;)
i'm feeling pretty good about it. i believe i have most everything booked/arranged that i need at the moment. planning a wedding on my own has been quite an experience. i think looking back, i may have wanted to invest in a planner to do all the worrying for me. too late now. now i just sit back and wait.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

What is this?

Here is my proof that it rained downtown. It was a downpour for over
an hour. I hear some people up north didn't get a drop.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

my special matt

just got awarded "best of craigslist"

i'm so blessed, really i am.

My favorite lunch

Besides Whole Foods is my Lulu B's!