Monday, July 07, 2008

ahhhh it's the beginning of another week. 89 days until the wedding. i'm really glad it hasn't been consuming my every thought lately. having a healthy supply of books has helped. i've been engrossed with the twilight series by stephenie myers.

i am on book 3 at the moment. i'm tired of the plot though. all i keep thinking in my head is bite the bitch already. i'll finish the series though. then i'll complain about it when i am done.

so back to the wedding talk ;)
i'm feeling pretty good about it. i believe i have most everything booked/arranged that i need at the moment. planning a wedding on my own has been quite an experience. i think looking back, i may have wanted to invest in a planner to do all the worrying for me. too late now. now i just sit back and wait.


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