Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This picture is actually frightening me right now. Posted by Hello

Colotte smile please!

So I'm doing abs with the yoga ball...watching the Simpsons and Colotte jumps up on my legs and proceeds to sit on my lap, ruining my workout. Well, lucky for me I had the camera close by so I took pictures because I have a sick obsession for my cat. I love her too much and own way too many pictures of her doing things like yawning or licking herself. I know I know...

No work?

Yep...today our shipment truck broke down and would not be fixed by today. So there is no shipment for me to work on. But that's ok. I recommended to Kim she let me go and I would work on Saturday until its all done. I tried to lay out today but the sun was hit or miss. So I did laundry and went to work out instead. After sweating, I went to the snow cone place and got a small one. Was that bad? I wonder if they are fattening? Probably so.....everything I enjoy is fattening.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

damnit it's hailing.....

So we decide to grill out today with Kim and Cade. They taught us to play poker and we had a drunken good time. Good thing the steaks were done before the rain hit. We got dime- sized hail an hr or so ago....Nice. It's still lightning outside and Matt has passed out on the couch. Well, it is our Saturday.
I gave Colotte a bath and painted Sue's nails aqua blue. Both of them look fabulous now.

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Before the rain....

Forgot about you....

I'm sorry. I haven't "blogged" in quite some time. No more!!! I will keep up with my blogging...oh yes I will.

Last night we went to the Draught Horse for Jake's bday. We had a good time. I drove us home in the rain, which proved to be difficult. But damn, that was some hard ass rain. Glad we didn't get wet outside the Horse.

I posted a photo blog on MySpace. It is fucking hilarious. Matt helped me with the names and comments and I worked on the code. Brilliant.

Smelly Fingers Stacey...She'll put 'em anywhere!

Premature Pete...He's done by the time you take your socks off.

Nathan the Necrophiliac...Getting stiff brings a whole new meaning.

Dutch Oven Deborah....Don't go under the sheets with her.

Smooth Nuts McCoy...He's not a real man yet.

Shawn(a) the Shim...He makes Leslie look like Tom DeLay.

No Fucking Nickname Matt...Members-in-training don't get to wear the hat.

Good times. The hat was the hit of the party. I have no idea why the font keeps getting bigger....I'm not even going to fix that.