Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Menu Tasting at the Highball

Thanks to my favorite social media tool, Twitter, I won a seat to a menu tasting Tuesday night at The Highball. Like a smart girl, I made sure and ate a light lunch, wondering what morsels I had in store for me. I had a great time meeting Tim Alamo, Henri Mazza, creative director at the Alamo, and my fellow Twitter winners @ariel5x5 @unbrchain @RedPenOfDoom.

Ok, ok on to the food.

This delectable oyster is the perfect Southern treat. Why do you say that? What makes this oyster so special? One word my friends, chorizo.

Did you know that bacon is so hot right now? It is, and especially on this bacon chicken sandwich. It was messy and wonderful, all at once in my mouth.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination than grilled trout stuffed with creamy crawfish. Not to be outdone, the sides of carrots and snap peas were also crispy and flavorful.

Personally I am not a big quail fan. But this particular bird was stuffed with sweet potatoes. A more refined option, it had an interesting, unique taste.

Oooh the finale was something else. Bread pudding with Grand Marnier and cherries....ON FIRE! I want to say the presentation had me sold, but that would be a lie. It was the taste. Amazing. I was close to fighting the boys nearby for the last bites. Hopefully this dish ends up on the final menu because it was outstanding!!

Thanks again Highball. You fucking rock!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Tasty Up Trailer Tour

Oh wow, this was so much fun! I wish I had more stomach room to have enjoyed a few more trailers, but Matt and I only made it to 2 places. First off, we started at La Boite.

We grabbed nametags and free french press coffee. That was going to be the plan, then walk over to Texas Cuban. Well, I saw these and stopped dead in my tracks.

Oh so lovely! I had to have them. Sure enough, we purchased these little morsels, sat down on the grass and watched people and their cute kids play. The line for Texas Cuban began to grow, with more and more of a crowd coming and no movement in the line. It was time to move on.

Back to South 1st we went...Never had Izzoz tacos before, so we parked across the street and made our way over. They had a pretty good line of people and we looked across the lot at Austin Daily Press. No one was there. Walked over, never been to ADP before, and browsed the menu. Fried bologna sandwich?? Hell YES!

A certain someone looks excited!

Vegan tortilla soup. It was hot and delicious!

Sandwiches wrapped in the Onion. Could you ask for anything cooler?

This baby had so much mustard in it. If you are a fan of the yellow stuff and fried bologna, stop what you are doing and get this sandwich.

I can't remember what Matt had, something Italian I believe. I was lucky enough to get a bite in. It was excellent. We didn't make it out to The Liberty afterwards. I was really dying to try East Side Kings. You are on my list guys....next time.

I hope to see more of this event in the future. It was a fantastic idea and I hope all the trailers that participated made a lot of money and new business! Count me in for the next round.

Food food food!

During our last cold snap...when was that? (Last weekend I believe....) Dana, Jim and myself headed out to Odd Duck to Farm trailer and had an early dinner. Let me tell you this. DO NOT eat food outside when it is 38 degrees. It is too cold to get comfortable and expose your fingers. Good thing they brought wine! But still, the food got cold very quick and I didn't enjoy it as much. I did snap some pictures though.

After about 15 minutes in the cold, we headed over to Gourdough's and got two for the road. Here they are, still hot from the car trip. I think these are Porkey's and Grannie's Pie. So good. But the previous week Anna, Christi and Jennifer and myself went to Gourdough's and bought 2 each. Then we proceeded to share them all. It was heaven. That's it for now though. Those things are way too bad for you.

Where have I been?

Sorry loves....I have abandoned my blog for a bit. You know how that goes. I swear I love all 5 of you, but sometimes I just don't have time to write. But I shall be better. Promise.

Let's see....Work has me incredibly busy (as you can tell.) The past 2 weeks have been crazy here in Sales. I'm anxiously awaiting our downtime so I can take a breather. Speaking of work, I now have started working on some videos featuring fun things going on at the hotel. Here are the 2 most recent videos I worked up. It was actually fun and quite easy.

This will be a short week for me as we are traveling to Lafayette, Louisianna for Parker's wedding. Sadly my Valentine's Day will be spent in the car, driving back home. Maybe Matt will serenade me in the car. That would be fun. Oh! We re-did our back patio. Here are some pictures from Matt's company Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/yc5o45m
We love it! Can't wait for the warmer weather to officially break it in.