Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Menu Tasting at the Highball

Thanks to my favorite social media tool, Twitter, I won a seat to a menu tasting Tuesday night at The Highball. Like a smart girl, I made sure and ate a light lunch, wondering what morsels I had in store for me. I had a great time meeting Tim Alamo, Henri Mazza, creative director at the Alamo, and my fellow Twitter winners @ariel5x5 @unbrchain @RedPenOfDoom.

Ok, ok on to the food.

This delectable oyster is the perfect Southern treat. Why do you say that? What makes this oyster so special? One word my friends, chorizo.

Did you know that bacon is so hot right now? It is, and especially on this bacon chicken sandwich. It was messy and wonderful, all at once in my mouth.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect combination than grilled trout stuffed with creamy crawfish. Not to be outdone, the sides of carrots and snap peas were also crispy and flavorful.

Personally I am not a big quail fan. But this particular bird was stuffed with sweet potatoes. A more refined option, it had an interesting, unique taste.

Oooh the finale was something else. Bread pudding with Grand Marnier and cherries....ON FIRE! I want to say the presentation had me sold, but that would be a lie. It was the taste. Amazing. I was close to fighting the boys nearby for the last bites. Hopefully this dish ends up on the final menu because it was outstanding!!

Thanks again Highball. You fucking rock!


Optimista said...

Man...I REALLY need to go eat there!

The Mayor said...

With a daughter who's a pastry chef in Chicago you've got my attention with those food porn pictures of yours.