Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sorry I've been boring.

No posts from me lately. Sadly my iphone died within a day of my panhandle Christmas, so I wasn't able to blog pics to my loyal 4 readers. Anyways, we did snap some funny pictures though. They are at home, waiting for me to download.

What did we get for Christmas you may wonder.....Well my parents gave us the rest of our wedding registry items we desperately needed. Hooray! Bunny gave Matt and I some gifts too. But the best gift we gave each other is an iMac. Matt bought it a few hours ago. I am so excited to get my grubby hands on it but I can't tonight. Why you may ask?


The worst piece of shit burrito EVER!!!!

Taco Shack sucks!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi i hate the holidays how are you?

Yes you read that right. I hate the holidays. I'm just in a grippy mood because I'm pulling a 50 hour work week. That would make anyone pissy right? Yep. That's me. A grinch.

Let me tell you what I am tired of:

*my job
*the economy
*talk about how bad we have it it in for us (via economy)
*the thought of a pay cut
*not buying gifts this year
*not spending time with Matt
*my drunky co-worker
*this yo-yo weather
*no food at the house
*cracks in the ceiling

What I am happy about:

*my family back together
*heather getting married next year
*not being fat
*having a job
*almost no credit card debt
*not being at work

So there are my irks and perks in a nutshell. Next week should be better. I can handle 2 and a half days of work. We are flying to the panhandle on Wednesday night to visit Matt's mom. I haven't been so this should be fun fun fun! I'm crossing my fingers for snow.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First ice of the season...

Check that out. It's ice on my car. I took that pic this morning on my way to work. Last night we went to a yelp event at The Scoot Inn and it started to rain a bit. It was COLD! We decided to drop into Longbranch Inn and see Elizabeth. Once inside it started to sleet like crazy. We left a bit after the downpour and drove home in it. It wasn't too bad. I could hear it on the windows all night.

Our roof looked so pretty this morning. Too bad it didn't stick. That's Texas weather for you. It was 81 yesterday and sleeting 8 hours later. Go figure. Global warming at it's finest.

Whaaaaa is this?

Monday, December 08, 2008

I said I would post the pics!

Ok, I know a few posts back I said I would add pictures so I am. Look at me keeping my blog word and everything. Even though Matt posted the funny ones on facebook already. But look back to the Steen's weekend visit to see pics if you are so inclined:


What was I thinking?

So I decide to make some cookies Saturday for Ryan, Jake and Matt. They are the pre-made cookies in the dough aisle. I see that our cookie dish is dirty and decide to use a cooling rack instead. See picture of cookies 5 minutes after.

What was I thinking? A cooling rack? This is why I don't cook. I am not making excuses for my terrible food but I don't use my head when I'm in the kitchen. I don't understand why I can make breakfast though. Go figure.

Matt and Jake thought it would be funny to post the above picture to my facebook account. Those boys...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I just got my ugly sweater from ebay today. If I don't win I will be incredibly sad. It's soooooooo ugly. That's all I can say about it since it's a surprise. I have a feeling there will be some stiff competition this year. It's not just about the ugly Christmas sweater, but the entire ensemble. I have heard some seriously good ideas and I'm ready for the battle.

Tomorrow is Z-bar's annual holiday party. Honestly, I never care for these parties. We work so hard the days before it that I lose any feeling but exhaustion. Tonight I pulled a 12 hour shift and I have another one tomorrow night. There is really nothing to enjoy....it's not like the employees are getting to have fun or rewarded for busting ass.

Matt bought Fallout 3 tonight. I'm very jealous and can't wait to get my dorky hands on it. I've heard really fantastic things about it. This weekend will be strictly beer and gaming.

I finally got my wedding pictures!!!! I'm so happy to have them all and have a chance to see them up close. Everytime I look at them I see something new. Now it's time to get the mom's photo albums ready for Christmas. Maybe I will develop a love for scrapbooking and give my crochet hobby a run for its money.