Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I just got my ugly sweater from ebay today. If I don't win I will be incredibly sad. It's soooooooo ugly. That's all I can say about it since it's a surprise. I have a feeling there will be some stiff competition this year. It's not just about the ugly Christmas sweater, but the entire ensemble. I have heard some seriously good ideas and I'm ready for the battle.

Tomorrow is Z-bar's annual holiday party. Honestly, I never care for these parties. We work so hard the days before it that I lose any feeling but exhaustion. Tonight I pulled a 12 hour shift and I have another one tomorrow night. There is really nothing to's not like the employees are getting to have fun or rewarded for busting ass.

Matt bought Fallout 3 tonight. I'm very jealous and can't wait to get my dorky hands on it. I've heard really fantastic things about it. This weekend will be strictly beer and gaming.

I finally got my wedding pictures!!!! I'm so happy to have them all and have a chance to see them up close. Everytime I look at them I see something new. Now it's time to get the mom's photo albums ready for Christmas. Maybe I will develop a love for scrapbooking and give my crochet hobby a run for its money.


weston and sara said...

i love reading your blog- sorry i forget to sometimes... :) good job on the zanzibar blog too! it looks great and is very captivating.

Sarah said...


I need hobbies dawn. Help me.