Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi i hate the holidays how are you?

Yes you read that right. I hate the holidays. I'm just in a grippy mood because I'm pulling a 50 hour work week. That would make anyone pissy right? Yep. That's me. A grinch.

Let me tell you what I am tired of:

*my job
*the economy
*talk about how bad we have it it in for us (via economy)
*the thought of a pay cut
*not buying gifts this year
*not spending time with Matt
*my drunky co-worker
*this yo-yo weather
*no food at the house
*cracks in the ceiling

What I am happy about:

*my family back together
*heather getting married next year
*not being fat
*having a job
*almost no credit card debt
*not being at work

So there are my irks and perks in a nutshell. Next week should be better. I can handle 2 and a half days of work. We are flying to the panhandle on Wednesday night to visit Matt's mom. I haven't been so this should be fun fun fun! I'm crossing my fingers for snow.


Sarah said...


no arguments there.

Dana said...

I think everybody in retail agree's with you. I think retail sucks the fun out of the holidays.