Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Interesting fact...

Just found out from my sister that I can't donate blood since I lived in Scotland between 1980-96. They think I may have mad cow disease. Interesting huh?

Cat In Bag

These pictures answer the question if my plarn market bag is strong....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New project alert

The past few days I have been working on a special project for a certain someone, so I haven't had a chance to completely engross myself in a new idea. Since I finished the first project yesterday, which I will show off later, I've moved onto making plarn.  

Plarn is plastic bag yarn.  

Right now I'm working on crocheting a market bag.  

It's really difficult to work with plastic bags. It's not as flexible as yarn and kinda makes my hands hurt after a few hours.  But I can't wait for the finished product.  And thank you Sara for all the plastic bags last night.  I'll whip you guys up a bag soon!

Today is Day 5 of my Cleanse.  I am super proud of myself for going to a party last night and NOT consuming any alcohol or bad food.  I was pretty close to staying at home, due to the whale songs in my tummy, but I pushed through it and had a nice time.  You don't need booze to enjoy yourself.  Actually, I do.  I can only remain sober in a party environment for so long.  Today is a new powder day.  It tastes pretty bad and has an interesting greenish tint.  So far, so good.  I hope I'm not sitting on the toilet all day.  It's so nice outside.  But I am tempted by the 2 dvds of Dexter I have waiting for us to enjoy.  I love Dexter.  Can't wait to start up Season 3.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 3

Ugh, another day.  Down 4 lbs from start.  That's pretty good I guess.  I do feel better, body wise.  My tummy has been on a bender though.  It's a constant feeling of yuckiness.  I wonder what is in this powder mix?  I know day 5-7 I switch to another mix that will help eliminate toxins, so I will be shitting a lot.  But this first stuff is strange.  I'm not plugged up or anything, I just feel "unsettled."

I haven't missed food that much.  Even though a burger sounds divine.  Maybe this mix is supposed to make your tummy whacked out, because if someone offered me "real" food, I couldn't take it.  Hell, I'd love to stare at it and drool, but I feel it wouldn't be so smart to scarf it down.

Friday night is Rob's bday party.  It's gonna be a challenge to not drink beer or eat.  Hopefully I will have the willpower to carry on.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 2

Well, I have to admit.  This cleanse is nothing compared to the Master Cleanse.  The best part about it is you can still eat, although a small amount of items are on the list.  So basically I'm not starving myself by any means.  I am always hungry though.  A handful of sunflower seeds can only keep you full for so long.

The mix is terrible.  I have to add fruit to it to chug it down.  It's kinda has a medicine orangy taste.  Yuck.  I have dropped 2 lbs from yesterday so that is commendable.  My Wii Fit was very proud of me.

Why does brown rice take so long to cook?  And why does it taste like crap?  Ugh, 6 more days of brown rice.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm getting fat

So that means it's cleanse time! The people at Central Market highly
recommended this cleanse. Just started it a few hours ago. I'll keep
you guys updated on my cleansing events!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sue is too tired from her bath to kick the cat outta her bed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm going cozy crazy!

I can't stop making these Iphone/Ipod cozies.  They are quick to whip up, and only takes a few hours if I can concentrate on finishing it up without wandering away to another project.  

I scored some super cute buttons and can't wait to match my cozies to them.  I've thrown up 2 on my Etsy site already.  I love the colors!  So bright and fun.  I better throw in an emo cozy just in case.

Sales have pretty much died from my Etsy site.  I figured as much with summer approaching. Time to switch gears and try to figure out something that won't make you sweat to death.  I did create a few head scarves, but wore them way too much so I can't sell them.  Maybe I'll crank out a few.  They are awesome.  Great way to keep your scalp from burning.

Ok time for bed.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pedo bear!

Oooooh I love Pedo Bear.  Do you know about him?  Here, go look real quick.  

Ok, now that you are "in the know", here is what I did on a lazy Saturday.  Made tees!  Ahhh, iron-on transfers are such an easy way to dress up a regular old shirt.  I made one for Lindsay and me.  Cool huh?  I'm not pro-child molestation in anyways, I just love that damn creepy bear.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Aaahhhhhh just finished a cell phone/sunglass purse for my mom. She
wanted a fanny pack so she can carry her cell when she gardens. There
was no way I would make her one and subject her to my father's mocking
and laughter, so I whipped this baby up.

The straps were slightly challenging but I found a way to secure them
from inside out. Not bad for a 2-3 hour creation out of thin air.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mmmmm I'm in love

with the Sushi Train. Too bad it' a bit far away from my location (near the Yellow Rose), otherwise I would be a daily customer.

Lindsay and I decided to stop in before our show at Cap City Comedy. The conveyor belt was full of dishes and they are all on color coded plates. There is a price chart above your head so you can see how much each plate is. Basically, you pick the plate that looks appetizing and the server totals up your empties at the end. We polished off a good amount!

I honestly love this concept. It's fast and you pick what you want to eat. Plus you can sit and chat without feeling the need to stuff your face. And did I mention how cheap it was? We spent $30 and that included a bottle of hot sake. $30 for 2 people???!! Fanfuckingtastic!

Lindsay likes the train!

There was a super awesome selection of rolls and sashimi cuts. Even a sushi novice would have a good time here.

Mmmmm delicious and only $1.50!

So you can tell I'm a fan only after 1 try.  We finished off the night at Cap City Comedy watching Brian Posehn.  Lindsay bought tickets and made sure we got good seats, hence the "reserved" sign.

(I really wish the iphone had a flash on it. These pictures are sucky in the dark.  I had to lighten them up in iphoto.)

We really did have a great seat.  All the better to see Brian!

There's Brian. He was hilarious!  SLAYER!