Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm going cozy crazy!

I can't stop making these Iphone/Ipod cozies.  They are quick to whip up, and only takes a few hours if I can concentrate on finishing it up without wandering away to another project.  

I scored some super cute buttons and can't wait to match my cozies to them.  I've thrown up 2 on my Etsy site already.  I love the colors!  So bright and fun.  I better throw in an emo cozy just in case.

Sales have pretty much died from my Etsy site.  I figured as much with summer approaching. Time to switch gears and try to figure out something that won't make you sweat to death.  I did create a few head scarves, but wore them way too much so I can't sell them.  Maybe I'll crank out a few.  They are awesome.  Great way to keep your scalp from burning.

Ok time for bed.

1 comment:

weston and sara said...

i love those buttons! they're awesome.