Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mmmmm I'm in love

with the Sushi Train. Too bad it' a bit far away from my location (near the Yellow Rose), otherwise I would be a daily customer.

Lindsay and I decided to stop in before our show at Cap City Comedy. The conveyor belt was full of dishes and they are all on color coded plates. There is a price chart above your head so you can see how much each plate is. Basically, you pick the plate that looks appetizing and the server totals up your empties at the end. We polished off a good amount!

I honestly love this concept. It's fast and you pick what you want to eat. Plus you can sit and chat without feeling the need to stuff your face. And did I mention how cheap it was? We spent $30 and that included a bottle of hot sake. $30 for 2 people???!! Fanfuckingtastic!

Lindsay likes the train!

There was a super awesome selection of rolls and sashimi cuts. Even a sushi novice would have a good time here.

Mmmmm delicious and only $1.50!

So you can tell I'm a fan only after 1 try.  We finished off the night at Cap City Comedy watching Brian Posehn.  Lindsay bought tickets and made sure we got good seats, hence the "reserved" sign.

(I really wish the iphone had a flash on it. These pictures are sucky in the dark.  I had to lighten them up in iphoto.)

We really did have a great seat.  All the better to see Brian!

There's Brian. He was hilarious!  SLAYER!

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Dana said...

The sushi train looks like a fun way to eat!!!