Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 3

Ugh, another day.  Down 4 lbs from start.  That's pretty good I guess.  I do feel better, body wise.  My tummy has been on a bender though.  It's a constant feeling of yuckiness.  I wonder what is in this powder mix?  I know day 5-7 I switch to another mix that will help eliminate toxins, so I will be shitting a lot.  But this first stuff is strange.  I'm not plugged up or anything, I just feel "unsettled."

I haven't missed food that much.  Even though a burger sounds divine.  Maybe this mix is supposed to make your tummy whacked out, because if someone offered me "real" food, I couldn't take it.  Hell, I'd love to stare at it and drool, but I feel it wouldn't be so smart to scarf it down.

Friday night is Rob's bday party.  It's gonna be a challenge to not drink beer or eat.  Hopefully I will have the willpower to carry on.  


weston and sara said...

I will be not drinking beer with you.

Dana said...

Wow... you have way more will power than I do... I couldn't be good at a party during a diet... I would cheat :o)