Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pedo bear!

Oooooh I love Pedo Bear.  Do you know about him?  Here, go look real quick.  

Ok, now that you are "in the know", here is what I did on a lazy Saturday.  Made tees!  Ahhh, iron-on transfers are such an easy way to dress up a regular old shirt.  I made one for Lindsay and me.  Cool huh?  I'm not pro-child molestation in anyways, I just love that damn creepy bear.


Dana said...

I had no idea that Pedo the Bear existed... thanks for expanding my coolness factor and being in the "know"

Anonymous said...

Those t-shirts are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

You know they make pedobear plushie hats now..:O

here the website: