Saturday, April 25, 2009

New project alert

The past few days I have been working on a special project for a certain someone, so I haven't had a chance to completely engross myself in a new idea. Since I finished the first project yesterday, which I will show off later, I've moved onto making plarn.  

Plarn is plastic bag yarn.  

Right now I'm working on crocheting a market bag.  

It's really difficult to work with plastic bags. It's not as flexible as yarn and kinda makes my hands hurt after a few hours.  But I can't wait for the finished product.  And thank you Sara for all the plastic bags last night.  I'll whip you guys up a bag soon!

Today is Day 5 of my Cleanse.  I am super proud of myself for going to a party last night and NOT consuming any alcohol or bad food.  I was pretty close to staying at home, due to the whale songs in my tummy, but I pushed through it and had a nice time.  You don't need booze to enjoy yourself.  Actually, I do.  I can only remain sober in a party environment for so long.  Today is a new powder day.  It tastes pretty bad and has an interesting greenish tint.  So far, so good.  I hope I'm not sitting on the toilet all day.  It's so nice outside.  But I am tempted by the 2 dvds of Dexter I have waiting for us to enjoy.  I love Dexter.  Can't wait to start up Season 3.


Dana said...

Interesting and a good idea to use up the plastic bags! Is the bag really stiff?

weston and sara said...

I'm looking forward to getting my bag.