Monday, December 08, 2008

What was I thinking?

So I decide to make some cookies Saturday for Ryan, Jake and Matt. They are the pre-made cookies in the dough aisle. I see that our cookie dish is dirty and decide to use a cooling rack instead. See picture of cookies 5 minutes after.

What was I thinking? A cooling rack? This is why I don't cook. I am not making excuses for my terrible food but I don't use my head when I'm in the kitchen. I don't understand why I can make breakfast though. Go figure.

Matt and Jake thought it would be funny to post the above picture to my facebook account. Those boys...


Dana said...

giggle, giggle, giggle was nice of you to try to make cookies for the boys :)

weston and sara said...

a-ha-ha!! oh, ho-ho!! i wish i could've seen the rolled eyes and uproarious laughter from matt, etc.