Sunday, May 29, 2005

Forgot about you....

I'm sorry. I haven't "blogged" in quite some time. No more!!! I will keep up with my blogging...oh yes I will.

Last night we went to the Draught Horse for Jake's bday. We had a good time. I drove us home in the rain, which proved to be difficult. But damn, that was some hard ass rain. Glad we didn't get wet outside the Horse.

I posted a photo blog on MySpace. It is fucking hilarious. Matt helped me with the names and comments and I worked on the code. Brilliant.

Smelly Fingers Stacey...She'll put 'em anywhere!

Premature Pete...He's done by the time you take your socks off.

Nathan the Necrophiliac...Getting stiff brings a whole new meaning.

Dutch Oven Deborah....Don't go under the sheets with her.

Smooth Nuts McCoy...He's not a real man yet.

Shawn(a) the Shim...He makes Leslie look like Tom DeLay.

No Fucking Nickname Matt...Members-in-training don't get to wear the hat.

Good times. The hat was the hit of the party. I have no idea why the font keeps getting bigger....I'm not even going to fix that.

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