Monday, July 21, 2008

my wii fit challenge

i'm gonna do this. every day. at least 30+ minutes. i need to lose 15 or so pounds before the wedding to get to a happy, skinny weight. so when i get home tonight i will do the "before" pics and keep this blog updated with my progress.

my first day on the wii fit was pretty sad. i had my weight and bmi tracked. nothing was a shocker there but the wii fit age killed me! i am 44 years old. my balance is pretty unstable too. i tried out the basic yoga poses and pulled off a novice ranking. the one fun thing was the hula hoop games. i really liked those. it was interesting to see how my hips would not make a perfect circle motion at the end of the exercise.

this morning i woke up with sore sides. i can thank the hula hoops and the yoga side stretches for that. how funny is it that a video game would get me sore?

matt and i made a pact that no one can play mario kart until you put in 30 minutes on the wii fit. we shall see how that rule ends up playing out ;)

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