Monday, January 26, 2009

the saddest grocery trip ever

So we decided to hit HEB after the movies last night and plan out the week's meals and whatnot. We made a limit - $100.  We had never set a budget, but things are different now.  I hadn't realized that I never looked at prices.  The only thing I have been concerned about is calories and fat content. It was sobering looking around the generic products I typically scorn.  

Hill Country Fare??  Wha??

I had to turn away from all the organic products we usually buy.  It was so depressing.  

We did get out of there at 47 cents over.  I almost teared up a few times though.  My life is changing, I can tell you that.


Dana said...

We have been cutting back for a few months now,,, just in case and it isn’t any fun at all. . We never bought a lot of organic items.... I figure the pesticides will help preserve my body in some way, shape or form :o)

weston and sara said...

you don't have to buy that crap! HEB also has a "bake shop" selection- we get the "walnut multigrain." it's not as expensive as sally whoever and oatland farms whats-it. :)