Friday, January 09, 2009

I knew I wasn't crazy

Sometimes I get these weird problems with my vision. Once they were so bad I went to the eye doctor immediately after seeing these strange visions. Needless to say, he diagnosed my weirdness as an ocular migraine. Blah, blah he said they were pretty harmless and typically accompany migraines (which I have never had!) Since then, I have had probably a handful of these. No biggy. Last night, just as the game was starting, I could feel one coming on. It was difficult to explain to Matt and Jake what I was seeing. I went to bed, rested my eyes and fell alsleep.

Earlier today, I was googling the term since my eyes aren't feeling 1oo% recovered and I found this website that describes EXACTLY what I am seeing. It's called a scotoma. Now I feel relieved. I'm not insane.

I heard on the news that next week we will have temps dip into the teens. I am very excited for that. It may be time to break out the crochet this weekend and make some hats, gloves and scarves!

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Sarah said...

you're still a little crazy though. ;) See you tonight!!