Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Special thanks to JMVC for turning me onto this site. I knew it existed but I tend to be lazy starting new things. Anyways, I like this more than myspace. Sometimes its weird to think all those random people on that website are reading your thoughts and such. I don't mind friends, but friend of a friend of a friend is different!!!

Well, let's see....my day. Matt is still in Portland finishing up business after his grandma's funeral. He flies in tomorrow night at 8pm. I'm trying to finish up all the laundry before he gets back as a nice little present. We had shitloads on the floor.

We didn't get the lab results from my mom's docter today. So now its Day 3 of Mom's cancer scare. I hate this waiting very much. It's killing all of us. And my dad is on a business trip so he won't be around her for the results. I'm praying for the best. I don't know how to handle it if its cancer.

I worked out tonight. I'm doing very good. I'm not afraid of the circuits anymore...well maybe a few leg machines. Those look difficult. Why do I have to be so paranoid of fitness machines? That's super lame. My abs have been hurting since Saturday. I haven't been able to do as many since they start to burn after 20. I hope that burning is all the fat. Yeah. Burn fat, burn.

Sue keeps eating Colotte's food. We have to cut her intake b/c she is getting too fat. So now since Matt has been away she has been munching on Colotte's diet food. That damn dog pisses me off. That diet cat food is not cheap. I give her a nice big bone and she still eats Colotte's food. Damn her.

Ok, I think that is enough. Thank you Mary Jane for getting me through my first blog. Hooraah!

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