Friday, January 28, 2005

Hooray for pictures

I learned how to add pictures to my blog today....duh. So I checked out what pics I had on the camera and shared with the world.

I'm not working today. That's nice. So I plan to sit around all day and play Halo.

Well, my mom goes in for her second biopsy today. The doctors have told her its cancer but they want to be 100% sure. I hope they screwed up and the tests come back clean. I guess we will find out by Monday. So its just more waiting and waiting. At least my dad is back from Dallas and can be with her today. She doesn't want me to come since I went last time. Maybe I'll go by this weekend and visit her.

Matt is still sick. There are at least 20 snot rags on his side of the bed. Gross. I kept having all these dreams last night of construction crews and trains. I guess its because Matt was snorning and sniffling and all that. I told him to take the day off and I would baby him but he said he had too much work to do. He is such a hard worker it pisses me off. I never knew you could work "too hard" but Matt has proved me wrong. Ok enough for now.

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