Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How is Dawn's new diet plan going?

Glad you asked my friends!  It's going pretty well.  I've only cheated once - a muffin last week.  Actually, I had a small burger today, so the bun was a cheat too.  Damn.  Besides that, I lost 5lbs last week.  I worked out every day, except the weekend.  Good girl.

Grocery shopping takes a lot longer and is more expensive.  But that's the price you pay to eat healthy.  Think about it... food that is bad for your body is way cheaper than healthy options. Doesn't that suck?  Ugh, America needs to listen up and do something about society's weight problems and terrible food consumption.  Now I can say that because I'm changing my habits.

After my 60 min walk, Nory and I stopped off at Natural Grocers off Lamar and 39th.  It was grand opening day so I got samples galore.  I really like the store and the layout.  It's smaller, way smaller than Newflower, but everything is easy to grab.  You won't spend much time in there, looking around aimlessly.  I'll try it out next week once groceries are needed.


Dana said...

Congrats on staying on the diet!!! You'll be super happy when the pounds start falling off and you look fantastic in a bikini at your sisters wedding :o)

Dawn said...

God I hope so.