Saturday, May 02, 2009

Derby Hats!

So we are hosting a little Derby Day get together on this glorious Saturday. I wasn't planning on going all out with a hat, since I have a few large sun hats. Then the word started getting around that guests were creating hats. Of course this means I need to get my ass motivated and create something fabulous. I headed out to Target and Hobby Lobby last night to get supplies.

I spent quite a while in Hobby Lobby, trying to come up with ideas. Finally I settled on a theme for both hats (plus one for Lindsay.) I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning working on these babies. After 20 glue gun burns and 2 mint julips, my hats are done. What do you think?

These aren't the best pictures as I don't have much time to pose these hats, but I will throw in pictures once we put them on. Then you can see the full effect.

Basically, I am super proud of my creations. Maybe I should go into the hat business. Besides Derby Day, what other occasion is a gawdy hat needed? Alas, I better stick to Craigslist.


Dana said...

Oh my!! Love the hats!

Greycat said...

Those hats are great!

weston and sara said...

I think they call that millinery. You are a milliner. People wear gaudy hats at Easter, too.