Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surgery Day Tomorrow!

Yes Friday is the big day for my mouth. I get 3 wisdom teeth pulled. Due to the amount of teeth and procedure of the surgery (cutting my gums, the angle of pulling my teeth, etc...) they want me to be sedated with an IV. Hooray right? I'm a tad bit on the nervous side. Actually I am super scared.

I dropped off 5 prescriptions last night. I'm glad to have a lot of medication ready, but still....I have only been sedated once and I did not like it. I slightly have some recollection of it and it was not pleasant.

The worst thing about the whole day is I have to work till 2pm. Yes, I can't even take off on my day of surgery. The shitty thing about that is not being able to eat or drink for the early part of the day. Oh well...sometimes I get a break and sometimes I don't.

Matt has a mandatory inventory day so Ryan is taking me to my appointment and driving me back home. I really hope I don't cry, throw up or take off my clothes in front of him. Actually, I don't's Ryan.

Well, I better resume my day at work. Work work work. Bleh.

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Dana said...

The dentist sucks, there is no doubt about that. But I'm sure that being sedated is a ton better than being awake for the procedure. I need to have my wisdom teeth removed also, but I'm to much of a chicken. :) Good Luck!