Saturday, November 15, 2008


wow. just wow. i really expected this to be less painful, haha.

the surgery was not bad at all. i went in, the wrapped me in a blanket, gave me some gas and hooked me up to an iv. i was slightly aware of what was going on for about 30 seconds then i went to sleep. i woke up when we were done. i kept asking..."when are we gonna start?" they laughed and said we were done. i was completely unaware of the time that passed.

they brought ryan in and went over some post-op instructions and we went back to ryan's place. i was ok until the numbness wore off. that was bad. real bad. i had to take pain pills back to back. then matt came by for me. i was funny i was so knocked out from the pain pills but i was awake. i could hear them talking about me but i just couldn't talk back. i could only use hand gestures. i did bleed all over ryan's pillow. blood. let me tell you...i haz it. lot's of it just streaming out of my mouth, even with the gauze. grossness.

ryan was incredibly kind and would wake me up to eat, and see how i was doing. he did a great job taking care of me.

so last night i came home and laid around with a steady diet of pain killers. matt made some mashed potatoes and i almost lost those.

the pain in my left jaw is unbearable. i've been icing it all day. when i woke up this morning it was throbbing. i'm eating now so i can go back to taking those lovely pills. i washed my face this morning and touched my cheek and almost cried. it is so painful and puffy. i really do look like a chipmunk hording nuts.

well, that's my sad story. it hurts to talk too. that's kinda good so i can just lay here all day, watch football and just be careful jake and matt doesn't do something too permanent to my face.

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