Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am the pain princess!

wow. i am still in severe pain. it's my left side, around my jaw. it's still swollen. you can feel something like a ball around my lower jaw. the right side has gone down and no longer hurts. last night the pain in my jaw woke me up at 5am. that means time for another pill. it's so weird actually needing pain medication. let's be honest....pain pills are fun for recreational purposes. i tend to use them the first day and horde them for a rainy day. not with this surgery. i am in need of relief every 6 hours. it's crazy! i really have a better appreciation of what vicodin does and how much pain it actually blocks.

i'm pretty tired talking about my pain. it's boring. i did buy tickets for the new Bond movie this afternoon. I am somewhat embarrassed to go out in public with my cheek looking all freaky. Oh well. I'll be back at work on Monday and having to deal with being out in public.

gonna put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

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