Monday, August 06, 2012

Pinterest DIY Jewelry Wall - LOVE IT!

Ok, this one has been highly anticipated.  I've had my jewelry in one of those closet organizers, hanging over my closet door.  Terrible.  I never know what necklaces I even own anymore.  But not anymore!

This pin right here got me incredibly excited....

I knew right away I could make this.  So off to Lowes I went.  I bought all the necessary supplies, which were not so cheap.  Matt reminded me we did not own a staple gun, so now we do!

Basically I followed all the steps listed in the original blog.  I did not choose real chicken wire as the loops are quite big and I knew I had quite a few earrings to hang.  Thankfully, I had my wonderful husband staple the wire onto the back of the frame, as I ripped one of my fingers trying to open the package of wire...ouch!

You look so lonely up there without some flair.

Much better!  (I think I need more earrings.)

And here is the finished project!  Very easy to put together and such a fantastic way to see most of my jewelry.  Can I say again how much I love this??


weston said...

I can't tell what room in your house this is. - Sara

Champagne Diamond Center said...

I love it. Great idea! :)

Dawnita said...

Sara - It's the wall in the bedroom, right next to our bathroom.

Nishu.cql said...
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