Monday, November 23, 2009

Holidays Schmolidays

With the upcoming holidays comes impending doom for a newlywed couple. Basically this means the new couple wants to share in the fact that they now have an inviting adult house. One of the many ways to show off your home, besides throwing lavish parties, is to invite your family to your humble abode for Thanksgiving dinner.

In the moment, one does not think about all the preparations that loom - for instance, finding open space for all family members, which also includes a few days of heavy cleaning. This type of cleaning sometimes involves things you may not do on a regular basis - for instance cleaning the ceiling fans, hiding the bong and boxing up the sex toys.

I haven't even begun to touch upon the cooking debacle that looms. Good thing my husband is an excellent cook. I basically put cookie dough on a cookie sheet and expected it to bake in the oven. (See December's cookie blog fail.) The part I have played in the planning is compiling a list of recipes. Matt chose the ones that would be most appetizing. I give my seal of approval on all the choices and I haven't even tried them. Are you curious? Wanna see what is on the menu at the Mitchell's this Thanksgiving?

Stuffed Mushrooms

The Maple Roasted Turkey

Buttermilk and Dill Mashed Potatoes

Green bean Casserole

Of course I expect a few random sides in there, but this is the jist of it. ANNNND I even bought a cute apron from Etsy for the occasion.
I plan on being in the kitchen and trying my best to lend a hand. It may get burned, mangled or cut, but that is the price I will pay for being hostess.

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Dana said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner menu sounds wonderful!! And you'll be looking hot with your nifty apron.