Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yelp Elite Party Mad Men style at the Highball

Wow. I had such a good time! Yelp always puts on a great party, as usual. This one was free food, bowling, karoke, Maker's Mark and Harpoon Brew. Annie Ray was also in attendance with her fabulous photo booth.

I had to get my hair done for this event, I was so excited. The wonderful Leslee at Wet Salon did my Joan-wannabe updo. It was super fierce and got tons of compliments.

There was quite a few appetizers passed around but I only partook in a few bites since I am officially off the cleanse today. Can't let all this great work go to waste for one event.

I love this picture. The guy taking it was giving us directions on how to pose. I think he told us to look forlorn and lost. Mission accomplished.
Look at Lindsay's lips! Those babies are huge. I bet they could smother a small child.
Awww much better smiling.
My favorite girls, poor Dana had to go to Jim's softball game right afterwards so she couldn't dress up.

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Dana said...

You guys looked fantastic!! I wish I could have dressed up, but I'll have to wait until next time :)