Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today at lunch I was sitting in the cafeteria when my attention was drawn to the television. Every single thing that was on CNN was about something terrible - either pedophiles, sex crimes, or murder. Honestly, the coverage put me in the worst mood. We began a discussion on why there is never anything cute on the news. I agree....CNN is a negative Nancy.

Therefore I have decided to make this post a HAPPY DAY post! Here are some things that make me happy:

Getting into a warm bed at night and having Colotte follow me in, crawling into her favorite spots (in between my legs or under my butt.) <----- both places must emit large amounts of heat!

Trying on a pair of pants and having them be too big for you.

Thursday and Sunday night TV shows (even though I am sad about Mad men being over)
A perfect dish of calamari

Burning a fresh candle that smells like cookies or cake

Not peeing out of my butt

Finding cash in my back pocket

Snuggling with Matt on the couch

Now don't you feel good? I know I do.


Dana said...

What a good post :) Not peeing out of your butt is a good thing. I love that puppy picture with the shamrocks.

See you tomorrow!

Dana said...

so the puppy is with turtles, not shamrock. Perhaps I should put down the wine and have a water :)