Tuesday, August 26, 2008

shred - level 2 - i'm crazy

oh wow. i'm in a new world of pain today....my lower back. level 2 of the shred is basically lot's of core exercises and plank workouts. i had to do the modified version as my shoes were slipping and i am not that far advanced by any means. i think i had my ass too high in the air and put too much stress on my back. uuggh.

i did level 2 this morning, so it's not a good thing to be in this kinda pain so soon. i may move back to level 1 tomorrow....or tough it out and try level 2 again. i've also decided not to shred everyday. i seem to do better when i work out 3-5 times a week.

i plan on going running with nory next week in the mornings. no more time to slack off! i have 39 days until the wedding. that's a little over a month for you slower ones.

can you believe it? i think we are pretty much done with the majority of planning. matt still hasn't ordered his tux, or encouraged the boys to get their measurements. i am not pleased with this one bit, but that's his job to deal with, not mine. the rings are coming in tomorrow. the favors are all here. the only thing left is to make payments. boooooo.

if you have received an invitation my dear 4 readers, please send out your rsvp. i know the due date is not for a few weeks but it IRKS me to no end when people don't send out those self-addressed envelopes, waiting to be put in the mail. we have seen a few come in every day, so that has been a weight off my shoulder. yesterday was the first day to not have any rsvp's in the mail. i hope it's not a sign of things to come.

ok, enough wedding talk. it's so boring, i know.

there is this little wonderful cupcake bakery that opened up on my street. i have been DYING to stop in and grab a single cupcake, but i must resist the urge. right? one single cupcake will screw my diet...right? no, must remain strong!!!

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