Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1st day of the shred

my muscles are complete jello. i cannot believe how 20 minutes kicked my ass. i hope i can move by tomorrow because if i am in pain now, thursday will be a nightmare. thank goodness for my lunch massage tomorrow.

per my wii fit, i gained 3.5 pounds at surfside this weekend. luckily i have lost them after a few days of crying and semi-working out. but i can't wait to keep up on the 30 day shred and the wii fit.


yesterday matt and i went to the driskill to taste the menu we selected and pick our cake flavors/design. needless to say, i am SO EXCITED now. after work today we met with our dj and ring designer. things are happening so quickly. i can't believe we will be married in less than 2 months.


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