Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What a fucked up day....

Matt and Cade play in a softball league on Monday nights....so we all attended the game last night. Before the game, Cade hits Matt in the face with a softball (accident of course.) I can tell from the stands that his lip is swollen/bleeding. But he keeps on playing (what a trooper!)

Then as the game is wrapping up (they are winning!) Matt somehow runs for 1st base and twists/pops his hamstring. He keeps on playing but I can tell he is in pain. Anyways, his lip is very swollen/busted and he can barely walk on his leg. Of course he went to work today and doesn't have time to go to the doctor. I'm not pleased at all. I told him to make an appointment and he didn't. Hopefully he heads to the ARC on Far West after work and at least somebody can look at him. I think he may have torn a ligament/muscle/tendon.

My mom wants to quit her chemo so my dad called me up at work and asked me to reason with her. I called her and we had a good talk. Good thing my dad gave me plenty of information/ammo because she had many reasons to quit. But I hope she listens to my advice (and the doctors too.) She promised to re-schedule her appointment for tomorrow and talk to her doctor before she quits the trial. Her doctor better do his fucking job and show her the positives of sticking to the trial....because I'm not 100% sure she will listen to me or dad.

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