Thursday, June 16, 2005

It was nice while it lasted...

I took the day off today. It's nice to be able to actually do that when I need it. We had our MAJOR VP visit on Wednesday. I'm not sure how to really rank it but it was very stressful and has been gnawing away at my soul for about 3 weeks. I am so glad its over. Hopefully everyone at work can now relax and de-stress. No more being at the store by 7am and leaving at 2am. (Thank God they didn't ask me to pull those shifts!) But Kim and Nancy did it for 2 days I believe.

I'm really burned out and disgruntled lately. I come home everyday hating my job...wishing I had an actual career that pays nicely. Pot is only a temporary solution. I have no energy to go work out (which is NOT good!) I hope Veronica works diligently to find me a new job before all my hair turns gray and Matt leaves me for a hot black chick.

I hope this weekend is very relaxing and filled with many beers and many smokes! Pray for me.

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