Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good times

this Saturday. We visited Parker and Lisa in New Braunfels and stayed overnight. We all got pretty shitty and visited many bars/dumps/dives in NB. I never knew how trashy that town really is. But trashy can be fun and it WAS! The Hoity Toity was by far my favorite dive that night. We played 3 rounds of shuffleboard and the boys beat us....barely.

Luckily, Parker and Lisa offered up their place for all of us to stay for Matt's river bday trip. That is wonderful news....and we will all be saving money on lodgings and now spending more on beer. Too bad fucking Jake has a faggy ass reunion to attend. You suck Jake. But he will be missing out, along with Nory and Keith and all my friends. That's ok though. I will miss peeing on Jake though. Maybe next time.

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