Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Do we chance it?

Well, our plans for the 4th is a sweet day at Pace Bend Park with the Fabulous Four. I have been many times before but not on the 4th weekend. We are hoping to get a spot with a grill (primative camping area) but I am worried they may already be booked and then what? So I tried to call them today but no one is there. None of us have any problems getting there very early but I hope its not in vain and we can find a place to grill out and swim for the day.

I don't have to work till Tuesday. Isn't that fucking awesome? I'm going over to Nory's apt complex and swimming most of the day tomorrow and then we will grill out at the pool that night. Matt's dad and brother are coming down till Sunday so who knows what else we will do. Hopefully we will attend Norm's pool party on Saturday. I have a feeling I will get wonderful amounts of sun and fun.....I hope.

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