Monday, June 13, 2005

Our justice system blows....

I'm sure you all know MJ got off on all charges. That really saddened me. But then I saw this article today after work......
(Paris Hilton Plans to Give Up Public Life)

Now this article made my heart lift up and shout with glee. I hate hate hate hate that Paris and if this article proves truthful, my heart might blow with pure joy and happiness.

I talked to Veronica today and she told me she had finished tweaking my resume and found me a job at Dell. Now she just needs to make sure there are positions open in that department. That's very exciting to me. But I will not get my hopes up just yet. But I can't stop day dreaming about not being at AT any longer. I will miss the majority of the girls, but Cade and Kim are planning on moving into a new apt. complex around the 360 area so we can be neighbors.

Kim called me after work to let me know the dresses are in. I'll be picking mine up Friday. I hope I fit into it. Actually I hope its big so I can get it tailored. Even though I would be spending money, it will let me see the weight I have lost since the fitting. I've been trying to stick with the working out, but it has been hard since work has been picking up for me. All I have to do is think of Matt's bday weekend (we are going tubing with his friends) and suddenly I have energy to work out! Like now....time for crunches

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