Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two nights out for dinner...

Man, I have been a lucky girl recently. Matt and I have taken advantage of Austin Restaurant Week and tried two new places yesterday and today.

Yesterday we met our Uncle Bill and tried out Botticceli's. We had an amazing dinner with outstanding service and delicious food.

Tonight we visited Paggi House with Anthony and Lindsay. Mmmmmm another fantastic meal. We have never tried either places so we were pleasantly surprised by both.

You can read my Yelp reviews maybe tomorrow where I will go into more detail. For now, just take my word on it.

Recently there have been a few things on my mind that are KILLING me. Seriously I'm hating the following:

*The Reeds commercial. Please stop. I hate that jingle. It gets stuck in my head for hours and hours. I want to rip off her mole.
*Perez Hilton. I used to adore his self-righteous gossip, but lately I am seeing thru his facade. Sucking up to the celebrities that give him the time of day. I miss the old Perez who hated on everyone. Please don't come to Austin for SXSW. You'll ruin our town.
*Britney's snatch. Ok, enough already. I have seen the clip 9283428736 times. Yep, you can't take the white trash out of the girl regardless of rehab, daddy's conservatorship or money.
*Octomom. Enough said.
*Celebrity gossip in a nutshell.  I'm just getting bored with it all.  Nothing is amusing me.  Except Dlisted.  I love me some of that shit.
*Not finding a job.  I don't really hate it, but I hate that there is nothing out there getting me excited.

Things that are getting me EXCITED:
*The weather change.  Yep, total dork.
*My first time going to SXSW without dealing with a shitty job that won't let me off.
*Solitare on my Iphone.
*Twitter.  I like it.  I'm not sure what I think about the people adding me whom I have NO IDEA how they found me.  It's strange.
*Planting veggies and flowers in the garden.
*Crocheting, of course. 
*Getting back into reading.  (speaking of, I just finished the Time Traveler's Wife.  It was awesome!)

Ok, I think I'm done.  *Rant off*

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Dana said...

I have been wanting to try out Paggi out and check out the deck that everybody raves about. Perhaps we need a happy hour so I can check it out?? :o)

I HATE that Reeds commercial. It gets stuck in my head all damn day.